The amazing generosity of Perth people was shown over the two months of October and November 2014. Lenny Jacoby (pictured above) asked her Facebook friends if they could donate 100 women’s underpants to Ruah. Lenny had heard that many homeless women don’t often have new underpants or regular access to sanitary products. What happened next was beyond anyones imagination. Lenny posted a Facebook event that within a day had been sent on to 45,000 people, and 4700 people had accepted the challenge. By the time the event happened over 84,000 had been invited and 12,000 had accepted the challenge.

This cause struck a chord with so many women who could empathise with their homeless sisters who have poor access to these essential items. Within a week Ruah had received hundreds of donations.

By the time the event on November 30 had occurred over 52,000 items had been donated, including 8,800 underpants and 5,000 sanitary products.

Ruah has passed on about 75% of the donations to other services that work with homeless women – there was far too much for us to keep. As well as the goods we passed on, we are passing on the goodwill of thousands of people who decided that the dignity of women who are homeless is worth upholding.

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