This hand is reaching out to get what it wants - the text says What does your client want?A podcast on this topic is on my website here, and has appeared on LinkedIn Pulse here.

It’s easy to get caught doing work that doesn’t really add value to the clients that you are serving. So how do I keep focussed on what my clients want? I have 7 simple tips of what might keep me focused on doing the things that matter.

1. Committing at the start of each day to serving my clients 

I’ve set a calendar item at 6 am each day called “Who is my client? What do I need to do today to meet their needs?”

2. Checking in at the end of the day to see if what I’ve done has improved the outcomes of my clients

I’ve set a calendar item for 7pm each day called “Have I met my clients needs today?

3. Asking the people I serve whether they are getting the outcomes that they are expecting 

This can be as simple as asking my client whether they are happy with what they have received.

4. Placing visual reminders in my workspace about why I am doing what I am doing

The power of visual cues is important

5. Using my online task system or diary to set a regular reminder to reflect on how I am achieving my purpose

I’ve set up a monthly reminder to think about my goals and to include client focus

6. Create some success factors or KPI’s to help me focus on how I can achieve my purpose.

This will possibly change over time, and will be personal to you

7. Reflect with a colleague, friend, or coach on how I can get better results with my work

Sometimes it’s easy to not see the wood for the trees, and it’s helpful to get an outside opinion

What do you do to keep focussed on the needs of your clients?